Concept Design:
The Cannery is going to be an amazing place for visitors to take part in the life and culture of Kake.  The Cannery will be fully restored to its Historic value.  People that have caught salmon during their sports fishing charter will be able to see their fish canned before their very eyes.  A museum of Kake artifacts will be onsite at the cannery.

A Black Bear observatory station will be built so that visitors can watch Bears and Eagles hunting for Chum Salmon in their natural environment.

It will become a trip so amazing that people will want to come and bring their friends to learn about the great Tlingit Indians and see Wild Alaska in action.

Click the map on the left for Latitude and Longitude.

The link directly below is a detailed area map.  This scematic shows exactly where the proposed activities will take place.

*Canning Building
*Drive down Float
*Staging Area
*Can-Making and Storage Area
*Structure and Layout
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